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Maybein was born to be an App, B2B2C, that responds to two needs, a growing trend of cancellations of reservations in the most demanded restaurants (ticket over 40 euros), and an increasing number of customers who are looking for a last minute dining experience and can't find a place in their favourite place.

It connects the restaurant with the customer through an intelligent and automatic alert system.

The company Netoli Maybein was created in February 2020, after several months of development and definition, the platform reached its first milestone by launching in the city of Valladolid in July 2020, using this city as a test city for both users and participating restaurants. Once the application had been fine-tuned based on the feedback received from the participants and the stability and robustness of the platform had been checked, the launch in Madrid took place at the end of October.

The objective is to create the only reservation manager that acts as a direct communication channel that, in less than 3 seconds, connects the Restaurant with last minute free tables with customers interested in enjoying a dining experience in that venue.

The challenge

The aim is to optimise the profitability and fullness of the restaurant while satisfying the customer's need to find in a single application the best restaurants to book on the desired days, and if there is no room, the restaurant will notify the customer of a free table.

Maybein is the answer to an unmet need in the world of gastronomic technology, it is a revolution in the way of making restaurant reservations. Now it is the table that notifies the diner on their mobile phone. 

implemented solution

Maybein is a solution with a high degree of technological innovation that represents the last link in the agri-food value chain. Its main objective is to eliminate or mitigate cancellations or no-shows, avoiding the loss of product and optimising the profitability of the restaurants that see how the lost tables have a chance to be booked again.

The Maybein platform, developed for mobile devices, creates a new channel of direct communication between diners and restaurants that allows for the simple and intelligent management of the demand and supply of tables, maximising the profitability of restaurants by providing an outlet for unexpected tables and the satisfaction of diners by obtaining new experiences and tables in the best restaurants in the city quickly and easily, using technology as a vehicle.

Through geolocation and cloud services, it is able to provide users with the best opportunities and, through big data and machine learning, the platform is able to personalise the user experience to maximise the conversion of visits to the app into effective restaurant bookings.


This is the first time that restaurant-customer communication is two-way and direct.

An innovative proposal that completely changes the way of finding a table in a restaurant. Until now, it was the customers who looked for where they could eat, with Maybein, it is the empty tables in the restaurant that go out to look for customers.

From the beginning the project was conceived with internationalisation as an objective, both from a technological point of view once again (multi-language app, scalable and multi-tenant environments) and from a business point of view, where after evaluating the various possible future and growth options (based on the strategies of the Ansoff matrix), once the level of penetration in the national market is sufficient to consider the product mature, horizontal diversification in different markets seems to be the best option. The problem solved is general and occurs in multiple markets and countries, and the proposed solution is prepared to cover them regardless of location. Starting with the Portuguese and French markets with physical proximity and similar problems, to later expand to the UK and Italy and finally to the Latin American market.

The aim is for the platform to evolve and, beyond the various integrations with the different booking managers, the app will develop an AI system that can facilitate bookings according to the tastes or needs of customers.

Client opinion

Saray Maestro

CEO de Maybein

Maybein not only allows you to manage bookings and minimise cancellations or no-shows. The App provides real time information and statistics of the business that will help in decision making to maximise profit. In the Maybein manager you can find occupancy ratios, cancellations, graphs and trends that will allow you to dimension your business.

The aim is to bring all the new technologies to the world of catering, boosting its digital transformation. The technology used is a complete management solution and native application for IOS/Android, of which Maybein is the owner.

Likewise, the reputation of the restaurants is valued so that there is no possibility of opinions, reviews or ratings within the App. No one can make a public review but what is possible is to collect, privately, the opinion of those who have been in the restaurant to know their satisfaction and that the restaurateur can improve.

Why Five Flames

Maybein was looking for a company to develop the App. In this nationwide search for a company that understood the concept and would implement its development, the company Five Flames Mobile appeared on the front page of the leading Spanish newspaper on the occasion of the creation of the apps for international airports. We got in touch with them, and from the beginning they not only understood the product like no one else, but also wanted to become part of the company as founding partners with an important shareholding.

From the beginning, in addition to their work in the creation of the App, we have counted on their personal involvement in the start-up, development of the company, values, objectives, search for sponsors, financing...

Two years later, as Maybein's director, I can assure you that their help and support has been vital to the company's success and that without the daily work of the three partners of Five Flames Mobile, and above all their CEO as COO of Maybein, it would have been impossible to have reached this point... I was lucky to meet them and count on their experience, support and help from the very beginning.

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