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Five Flames Mobile is a mobile development company established in 2012 focused in creating mobile solutions for its customers.

Formed by a team of highly qualified professionals in different technologies who are prepared to face all the phases of the creation of a software product.

We have a large career during which more than 50 big customers have trusted us to develop their mobile channel.

Our Customers

Our services

Press & Media

Mobile apps development for press & media. Among TV, radio and press, more than 500,000 daily unique users of our applications are our guarantee.

Industry 4.0

Process analysis and design of the mobile solution that best suits your problems. Remove intermediate processes and tasks following lean methodology to improve productivity.

Tech Consultancy

Help in the creation and launch of new technological products. If you are a startup or a consolidated company that wants to launch a new product, we can help you.

Corporate Communication

If you need to improve communication with your customers and your online presence, we have the solution, ask us!

Lean Startup

If you want to launch a new technology product and be able to validate your idea quickly and economically, this is your approach.

Mobile Marketing

To create a good application it is not enough to publish it and wait for downloads. Measurement and a good optimization are essential to success.

Custom software development

If what you need is a unique development, we accompany you from the beginning to the end. An all-in-one, the most complete solution.


We develop games for the promotion of your company and its products or the development of new skills in the users through gamification.

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