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The industry has always been a technology enabler, and in the world of apps it could not be less so. Five Flames Mobile has been providing its expertise for the improvement and digital transformation of the industry since the beginning of its existence in order to develop and implement customised solutions that improve and optimise processes. 

We start from a company with implemented and consolidated processes and information systems that need to adapt to new technologies or take full advantage of the mobility and ubiquity of data to improve customer service and employee productivity.

The Five Flames Mobile team of analysts will study and assess the current scenario, proposing a solution that allows the digital transformation of obsolete processes, the optimisation of resources and the minimisation of costs.

The Five Flames Mobile development team will be in charge of implementing this solution, in an iterative process of which the client is a part, contributing its knowledge in the sector and assessing the partial solutions presented to it until the implementation and production of the same.

Throughout the process of definition, measurement and analysis, agile methodologies will be used as needed.

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Technology helps industry to optimise its processes.

Whether you are a large multinational or a family business looking to digitally transform your processes.

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