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Five Flames Mobile applies agile methodologies (SCRUM) for the management of mobility projects, interacting with the client for the review, planning and correct execution of each of the project's Sprint and by carrying out partial deliveries.

During the analysis phase the set of requirements, stories, (Product Backlog) will be collected assigning them a priority based on the business needs.

Once defined, an analysis will be made of the tasks required to execute each of the stories in the Product Backlog and the planning of each Sprint will be adjusted. We call each of these blocks the Sprint Backlog.

During the execution of the sprint, the work team will transfer to the person responsible for the project, on a daily basis and in common, the tasks to be undertaken and stories on which to work and blockages or risks detected during the development.

At the end of each Sprint, the corresponding Demo and Retrospective meeting is held in which the team presents the advance of the stories and a functional version of them.

All information collected during the meetings held during the planning of each sprint and the meeting at the end of each sprint is passed on to the client together with a progress report and if applicable a presentation of the progress.

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